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Mercan Dede, Jadranka Stojakovic & more

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Piranha Records


Sevdalinka / Balkan / Oriental / Bosnia-Herzegovina


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Sevdalinka is the musical expression of the Bosnian soul. The name derives from the Turkish word "Sevdah", denoting "longing" or "amorous yearning". It reflects centuries of turbulent history and the meetings of Oriental and Slavic cultures, growing from the influences brought by itinerant musicians of varied origins and carrying with it the hopes and dreams of generations of Bosnians. This album is a celebration of this great tradition interpreted by an array of international artists, each inspired in their own way by the spirit of Sevdalinka. With roots in the meetings of Sephardic, Islamic and Slavic cultures over centuries, it tells a thousand and one stories of love and longing and the pain of our transient existence. This collection brings together some of the great names of Sevdalinka with an array of international artists inspired by the "Bosnian Blues" in a soothing and moving mix of classic and modern interpretations




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