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CD-PIR 2116


Fanfara Tirana

Release Titel:

Albanian Wedding

Release Date:



Piranha Records


World / Balkan / Brass / Albania


Press Release / Description:

Albania's first brass dance band bring an utterly fresh and exciting touch to the ancient and impassioned music of Albania, Europe's best-kept secret, with verve and élan. Songs of heroes and heartsick lovers mingle with graceful dances and fiery solos in a vibrant mix of ancient tradition and 21st century optimism as Tirana's finest team up with veteran singer Hysni Zela in this ground-breaking project.

Rated by Vibrations Magazine (France) as a "Best Album 2008"



1. Mediterranè #1
2. Te Lutem M'u Pergjigj (Give Me An Answer)
3. Apocalyptic Kaba
4. Merre Lehte (Take It Easy)
5. Çokollata (Chocolate)
6. Kaprollja (The Fawn)
7. Napoloni
8. Çifteteli
9. Osmon Aga
10. Janinës Ç'i Panë Sytë (What Did The Eyes Of Janina See?)
11. Keq Me Burrë E Keq Pa Burrë (To Marry Or Not, This Is The Question)
12. Me Gezoft Këpucet Me Take (Enjoy Your High-Heeled Shoes)
13. Me Ka Shku Menja Me U Fejue (I'm Thinking Of Getting Engaged)
14. Mos Ma Vish Funin E Shkurter (Don't Wear Your Miniskirt)
15. Zot,O Zot,Të Qofshin Fal (May God Be Thanked)
16. Zanin Mos Ta Nij (I Want To Hear Your Voice)




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